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Lagoon - statement and exclusivity

No other manufacturer embodies the variety and charm of water as much as Lagoon. The brand stands for professionalism and comfort, which means that every yacht offers propulsion and equipment at the highest level. Lagoon catamarans stand for many years of experience and combine an impressive feeling of freedom with security for more than 35 years.

Lagoon stands for top quality since 1984

In order to provide the extravagance of the Lagoon brand,
with a focus on the interior, with additional expertise, Nauta- & VPLP-Design and the engineers of Lagoon have joined forces.

Thanks to this collaboration, long trips with a Lagoon catamaran are characterized by comfort, freedom and luxury. As the world market leader of cruising catamarans, Lagoon offers the largest range of catamarans from 11 to 24 meters in length and thus offers the largest variety of models on the market.

The first Lagoon catamaran was built in 1984, and it was the first to offer technology on a new and previously unattainable level. The French shipyard has now built more than 5,000 catamarans.

Between 1987 and 1996, the first Lagoon catamaran owner yachts were designed, which are known today as the Lagoon catamarans 55, 47, 57 and 67. In 1996, the Beneteau Group took over the Jeanneau shipyards, continuing the development of the brand. The Lagoon catamaran models 380, 410, 440, 470, 500 and 570 were built up to 2003 and the construction of the Lagoon catamarans was optimized by high-tech composite material.

Lagoon catamarans - records thanks to the latest technology

With the introduction of the Lagoon 620 catamaran, the manufacturer ensures luxury, seaworthiness and innovation in one model. Over 100 of these catamarans were built. This made the Lagoon catamaran a world leader in this category, which remains unmatched to this day. The power version of this model, the Lagoon 630MY, became the best-selling motor yacht in this size class.

Even today, Lagoon catamarans stand for completely new innovations and the latest technology. In 2017 the new concept of the Lagoon catamaran SEVENTY 7 and as a motor yacht in the form of the SEVENTY 8 came into being. Since then, the Lagoon catamarans have been convincing with their interior designs as well as their external appearance with their high quality and enormous comfort, which is expressed with every new model. The owner can always choose the best suitable size on water from the wide range of Lagoon models.

Lagoon catamarans - the future on the water

What the manufacturer Lagoon as part of the Beneteau Group will introduce in the future has not been decided yet. A look at the numerous regatta successes and the many sold models of the most important luxury catamarans shows, however, that perfection is the focus of every model. This approach will also be in focus for the latest Lagoon catamarans Sixty 5 and Sixty 7 and will cause revolutions on the water.