Beneteau First 24

As a smart pocket cruiser, fun day sailor or exciting club sailor, she keeps the promise of modern performance sailing.

A keel that can be completely swivelled into the hull opens up bays and berths, which are already denied to most ships of this size.

Lightweight and stable hull together with the aluminium rig, the classic alike day and the Dacron sails make the FIRST 24 an ideal weekender and Holiday Cruiser, which can also be easily clipped.

Up to 4 people can easily sleep in the spacious cabin.

Innovative solutions for storage and living space also make it possible to accommodate a toilet.

Beneteau First 24 SE (Seascape Edition)

The FIRST 24 SE (Seascape Edition) extends your comfort zone with solo regattas and takes your family on adventure holidays.

It is a modern high-tech sports cruiser that combines exciting performance and an exciting sailing experience.
Thanks to the carbon rig, an eight-day stand can be dispensed with and, due to its low weight, it is also possible to place the mast by hand.

This means that almost all sailing areas are freely available, because the slipping is just as easy to perform.
Due to the ingenious ratio of sail surface to weight, enormous speed can be driven even with little wind, on the wind as well as in space.

This is pure sailing pleasure.

Technical specifications
First 24

Length: 7.29m
Width: 2,50m
Height: 9.8m
Weight: 920kg
Design Category: C8
Mainsail: 17,40m
Fock: 12.9m2
Gennaker: 49.5m2
Sailing material: Dacron (North)
Rigg: Aluminum
Draught: 0.30 – 2.00 m (standard)
Draught Short Keel: 0.30 – 1.10 m

Technical specifications
First 24 SE (Seascape Edition)

Length: 7.29m
Width: 2,50m
Height: 10m
Weight: 920kg
Design Category: C8
Mainsail: 24m2
Fock: 15.3m2
Gennaker: 58m2
Sailing material: Monofilm (North)
Rigg: Carbon
Draught: 0.30 – 2.00 m (standard),
Draught Short Keel: 0.30 – 1.10 m