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Sail a lot and generate income

Easily possible with Yachtinvest.

Many sailors do not know that you can generate income with a yacht like with a rented property and that this yacht can also be used privately for many weeks a year.

With Master Yachting in the all-inclusive package.

Who wants to take care of processing, operational costs, yacht management or insurance?

The principle is quite simple:

  • You select your dream yacht on our homepage.
  • You calculate your return on investment here with the world’s first Yachtinvest online calculator.
  • You contact us!

Do the math yourself:

world premiere:
Yachtinvest online calculator

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Do you charter yourself occasionally but would like to spend more time on the water?

Do the math yourself: if you pay for a charter yacht for 2-3 weeks a year and are looking for a reasonable return on your money… the solution is obvious.

Yachtinvest works together: If you sail with friends, you can also invest together!

Of course, Yachtinvest also works on your own, you invite your friends and family to your own yacht in the future!

Berth, maintenance, insurance etc. all free of charge for you.


Are you interested in tangible assets?

However, the real estate market has been swept empty and the bank is motivating action with penalty interest.

Let’s talk about Yachtinvest.

Due to the rising raw material prices and the high demand, the new prices of yachts and used yachts remain stable in value like never before. Also and especially during the pandemic, charter yachts were booked, regular income that you can count on.


maternity leave?

time out?


Job with home office?

YOLO – We only live once! And life by the sea is simply more beautiful!

When you look at the financial possibilities, you are probably thinking of buying an ancient boat, investing many hours of work and the uncertainty remains as to whether this is a plan or a bottomless pit, right?

Take your time and calculate Yachtinvest: In the high season, your brand new yacht generates the income so that you can use the ship completely free of charge for the rest of the year. Even including the financing!

You then have a brand new yacht with a guarantee and all the luxury for a comfortable liveaboard.