Welcome to your new home

“This boat has no straight line, no flat surface, all lines are drawn taut, all surfaces are composite. This is done to express strength and quality. Nothing has been left to chance, this is a fully designed ship in all its features with the smallest of details.

Our goal is not to make customers like our boat, we want them to prefer it. “

Patrick le Quément – exterior design



“Our idea was to design a boat that offers an incomparable view of the splendor of the sea, directs our full attention to anticipating the circulation on board, offering generous space and allowing those on board to enjoy their to find your own preferred place. Our experience shows us that people ignore design that ignores people.

That’s why we wanted to draw a beautiful boat that is immediately recognizable as a lagoon. “

Patrick le Quément – exterior design


A real terrace on the water

“The bars were really designed as privileged places by the water. You imagine that you are sitting outside the boat, listening to the splashing of the water and enjoying a good book … “

Marc Van Peteghem – VPLP design

The new access and traffic concepts on board offer a brand new sensation. The bars are no longer just a traffic area, but a real living space at anchor, for cooking outdoors or simply to dream with your feet in the water …

Technical specifications

Length over everything : 16.56 m

Width: 9.00 m

Draft: 1.55 m

Displacement: 26 500 kg

Mast height: 29.43 m

Fuel: 1100 L

Fresh water: 960 L

Motor power – standard: 2 x 80 HP

Motor power – option: 2 x 115 HP

Price ex-factory excl. VAT


from 1.516.600 euros