Spare parts for sailing boats & motor boats

Master Yachting is the general importer of several yacht manufacturers and does not sell any spare parts itself. Spare parts are supplied exclusively via our dealer network or service partners.

Spare parts request

Please understand that we cannot provide any information about spare parts via phone. Please fill out the following form as comprehensively as possible and please send photos or drawings as well in order to be able to locate the part in the ship exactly and to avoid incorrect shipments.


By submitting the form, you agree that we will forward the request to our sales partners. You will receive further information once the responsible sales partner has located the right spare part and has received the price and availability information from the shipyard. We and our sales partners do not have our own spare parts warehouse. The shipyards often have to order parts, that are not in stock, from suppliers. The information can therefore take several days and the delivery can sometimes take several weeks. Please plan for this when making your request.

Thank you very much!