Yacht taxation of used yachts

Smart EU yacht taxation

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Privately used yachts are taxable for EU citizens at up to 25% (Croatia) depending on the tax rate in the destination country. The optimized EU Yacht taxation is between 0% and 18% – depending on the possibilities.

In general, every privately used yacht has to be taxed if the owner has his residence as well as his vessel in the EU. EU new vehicle rule.

This applies to all watercraft with a length of more than 7.5 meters. But only if the first start-up was not longer than 3 months ago or if less than 100 engine hours were used.

Only original documents are valid as proof of taxation because copies are not accepted!

  • The dealer invoice with VAT shown and confirmation of payment is relevant here.
  • Also, all official documents on taxation are necessary.

EU Yacht taxation for used yachts

Especially when buying a used yacht that is offered as taxed: it is absolutely necessary to insist on handing over the original documents of the yacht taxation. Also to avoid misunderstandings and problems later. Copies are unfortunately not sufficient as proof of taxation!

Tax-saving schemes via Cyprus and Malta have been stopped by the EU in 2019. French Leasing with 10% flat-rate taxation has also been abolished towards the end of 2020. These or similar options for yacht taxation no longer exist.

For Swiss, (but the vessel may not be delivered in Switzerland) and EU Non-Residents using their vessel in EU waters: Yachts are not taxable in EU waters. The tax-free 18-month temporary, as well as informal, import applies here.

  • However, care must be taken to ensure that proper export processing of the new yacht is carried out. Especially if the new ship comes from an EU shipyard and demonstrably leaves EU waters again before the 18-month period expires.

    The ship can then immediately return for a new 18 month period. It is necessary to present a proof that you have left the territorial waters of the EU with your vessel. (clarification document / port document)

Smart taxation from 0% - 18%

For all tax-sensitive customers who want to buy a new yacht and save taxes: We handle everything from A-Z on request:

  • The purchase of your yacht.
  • The documents required for tax matters.
  • Transfer and delivery.

We handle all matters for you, together with our legal and tax advisors, in a timely manner. Here are the legal ways to avoid taxation on your new vessel or significantly reduce your tax burden.

Here you will find all the tips and details to keep the tax burden when buying a yacht between 0% and 18% .