A comfortable and luxurious catamaran!

The Lagoon SIXTY 5 embodies a modern luxury liner that stands for incomparable comfort and maximum ergonomics. The SIXTY 5 is the epitome of precision and performance.

With a length of 20.55 meters, the LAGOON SIXTY 5 catamaran is an extremely spacious and comfortable ship. The LAGOON SIXTY 5 offers enough space and safety on and below deck. In order to meet the needs of the owner of this high-quality ship, there is also enough space on board for a 2-person crew. With great attention to detail, she offers pure luxury on the water.

The combination of performance and design makes the Lagoon SIXTY 5 much more than just a simple catamaran. It provides the highest form of elegance and at the same time she is easy control. Thus it is possible for everyone to safely maneuver the Lagoon SIXTY 5 catamaran over the waves and to keep control.

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On deck, the Lagoon SIXTY 5 convinces with an extremely comfortable environment. The great 360 degree panorama benefits from the impressive backdrops combined with daylight and allows you to enjoy the surroundings to the fullest. Aboard of the Lagoon SIXTY 5, the design concept of the main salon is beautifully merged together with the cabins. The same design concept is applied to cabins.

Numerous details have been integrated into this yacht, which further increase the comfort while sailing. The wide side decks of the Lagoon SIXTY 5 allow safe freedom of movement onboard at all times, even under sail. The private aft access to the water, which appears like an endless terrace over the sea, is a great addition to the Lagoon SIXTY 5 and makes swimming in all the world’s oceans a spontaneous pleasure.


The Lagoon SIXTY 5 also offers a lot of luxury and high-quality equipment below deck. Design and material are in perfect balance, providing maximum safety and comfort below deck. The numerous options for individual equipment make the Lagoon SIXTY 5 with up to 16 berths the best choice for catamarans of this size.

The Lagoon SIXTY 5 is like a luxury hotel on the water. She embodies maximum spaciousness and the greatest possible freedom. The owner’s cabin with separate bathroom, a seating area and a spacious wardrobe is unique in the category of cruising catamarans. The owner also has direct access from the cabin to the cockpit of the Lagoon SIXTY 5. This makes the Lagoon SIXTY 5 catamaran a true miracle in design and functionality even below deck.

Lagoon SIXTY 5 power and performance

There are numerous advantages of the Lagoon SIXTY 5 thanks to her power and performance. With a length of 20.55m and a beam of 10m, this catamaran is an extremely powerful ship.

  • The two fuel tanks have a capacity of 650 liters each.
  • The sail area of the Lagoon SIXTY 5 is 268 square meters.
  • Engine : 2 x 150 HP
  • Anchor system: protected and secure chain flow.
  • Technology room of the Lagoon SIXTY 5: easy and convenient access to the generator and the electrical systems.
  • The two water tanks have a capacity of 500 liters each.

Thanks to its enormous performance, the Lagoon SIXTY 5 is not only the epitome of luxury and comfort, but also convinces passionate sailors as a powerful catamaran and opens up new ways of traveling across the world’s oceans.

Technical specifications

Length : 20,55 m

Beam : 10 m

Draft : 1,55 m

Displacement : 40 000 kg

Mast clearance : 33,80 m

Fuel : 2 x 650 L

Freshwater : 2 x 500 L

Engine : 2 x 150 HP

Price ex-factory excl. VAT

from 2.854.900 euros

Lagoon SIXTY 5