Plenty of boat manufacturers like to name their boats after animals that evoke power, speed and grace (think Sunseeker Superhawk or Hunton Gazelle) but it takes a special kind of confidence to name your boat after an evil spirit.
Then again, when it looks as menacing as Frauscher Shipyard's #1414Demonwho's going to argue with you?
Photographed by MBY's own senior staff writer, Alex Smith, just as the sun was rising over Mallorca's rocky coastline prior to the start of the Palma Boat Show, it certainly had an other-worldly presence about it.
However, the dictionary definition of Demon also has a secondary meaning as "a forceful or skilful performer of a specified activity, such as a demon cook or demon driver" and it is this definition that seems even more relevant now they have tested it. You can find out why by picking up the August 2023 issue of MBY (out July 6) and reading their full review of #Frauscher's flagship model. Their
conclusions may surprise you...