First 14

The First 14 impresses with its simplicity and robust construction. She is exceptional fun to sail solo, or two-handed. Great emphasis was placed on design and ergonomics, which makes the sailboat a particularly suitable entry-level model for all those who want to pursue a sailing experience.


Designed by Sam Manuard, the First 14’s sliding keel ensures the best compromise between stability and speed. The dinghy’s double center-board casing allows that she can be sailed solo (center-board further aft and cat rig) or two-up (center-board further forward and with a set of three sails). With a sail area varying between 8.5 and 21.5 m², the First 14 is highly adaptable and suited to all levels of ability. Designed for a wide range of crew heights and weights. The seat height is adjustable so that you always have comfort on the longest sides. Even in the smallest detail, the First 14 underlines its goal: to make sailing as easy as possible. For example via the removable wheels on the luggage rack, which is therefore also suitable for slipping.

Technical specifications

Length : 14,1”

Beam : 5,7”

Displacement : 67 kg

Price ex-factory excl. VAT

from 8.510 Euro

Stable, quick and easy to handle! The First 14 is adaptable like no other boat. She is all fun and thrills for all ages!


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